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Let us ask you a few questions:

  • Have you ever been on a board retreat?

  • Do you know what happens at a board retreat?

  • Do you recall your last board retreat?

  • Do you remember anything from the board retreat, except the great dinner?


If your answer to the above is ‘no’ you are in the majority. Holding an effective and successful board retreat requires time, focus, energy, facilitation, and a way to measure the outcomes effectively.


At NEDx, we believe that most board retreats (when one is held) get derailed for the various reasons:

  • No clear definition of success: It is not enough to just ‘meet’, you need to have an answer to “The retreat will be a success if....”.

  • The board gives responsibility of the retreat to the CEO: The Chair of the board needs to pilot the retreat.

  • The board retreat does not have an external facilitator: Allows for full and structured attention of all participants.

  • No space on the agenda to address a significant challenge or opportunity:  A retreat is the best time to spend time on an important strategic issue.

  • A balance of social and work: A board retreat is a great place to get to know your fellow board members in a relaxed social setting away from the business environment.


At NEDx, our board retreats are planned to the last tiny detail to ensure a successful and measurable ROI on the financial and time investment of the company and the board. We have deep experience of managing and facilitating successful board retreats and ensure objectives are effectively met.

5 Keys to a successful board retreat:


The ‘WHY’ is clear and strategic

It could mean that the board really needs to dig into its own makeup – how to transform the board to reflect the changing needs of your organisation. There should be something central to the retreat that everyone agrees is important and requires a full conversation.

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