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A recent Survey conducted by Harvard Business Review (2019) cited that in the US, only 45% of companies conducted an external board evaluation or audit.  In Europe the data is not much better especially for private companies.


The assessment and feedback of the board is crucial to understand how effectively is the board and the directors performing, without an external and objective assessment it would be almost impossible to understand the nuances and potential challenges and issues that may arise in the future.

Key Benefits of a NEDx Board Assessment:


With years of experience, our experts know how to ask the right questions to get directly to the root of any issues. Our flexible pricing ensures our services are suited to all our clients, from start-ups to FTSE 250 listed companies.


NEDx Board Assessment Structure:

  • Pre-meeting with the CEO and Chairperson to communicate process and understand key objectives.

  • Attendance at a board meeting.

  • Review of board meeting templates and meeting minutes.

  • Review of the Sub-Committee charters

  • Detailed questionnaire to be filled out by the board and key C suite team.

  • 1:1 interview with each board director, key shareholders (if not on the board), CEO, CFO, and COO.

  • Detailed report providing feedback and recommendations.

  • Presentation of findings to the Board and or key stakeholders.

Allows for the stakeholders to
measure the effectiveness and
impact of the board
Identifies the key strengths and
areas of improvement of each
board director
Measurement of influence and performance of the board
against best practises
Improved communication and
presentation strategies
Objectives metrics for each
board member and KPIs for the
board as a whole
Clarity of roles and
responsibilities for the board
and sub-committees
Increased effectiveness of
the board
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