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"Learning never exhausts the mind"


At NEDx, our foundations lie in developing the practical ‘EQ’ based skills to become a high impact board member. 


We are in the process of developing a comprehensive, wholly interactive and immersive board readiness program.  Whilst the NEDx program will cover the basics of becoming a NED, it goes way beyond other programs in offering practical advice but also applicable principles that will allow unique insights and allow you to stand out. 


The NEDx board readiness program will be pioneering in its approach and content.


The 8-week 360 immersive program will be structured in the following way:

  • Weekly online learning modules with videos and coursework

  • Weekly scheduled coaching/Q and A call

  • Peer learning and sharing groups

  • Board Meeting Role play

  • Case Studies

  • Recommended Reading/Podcasts/Webinars

  • List of Practical resources

  • Review and Build of Board ready CV and Linked In Profile

  • Guest speakers and workshops

  • Private peer community to share ideas and ask questions

  • A maximum of 20 participants in each program


The NEDx program is built on a pioneering new perspective of creating high impact non-executive directors that can be part of high performance and result driven boards. Our aim is for the NEDx board readiness program to be recognised as the Platinum Standard for educating individuals to become High Impact Directors.


The Program is expected to be launched in 2021.  Please register your interest in the program. 

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