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Empowering High Potential Growth

An athlete, an author, an educator, and a World Champion and Olympic ice hockey coach.

Ken's performance coaching in sports led him to develop a pioneering way of looking at high performance coaching in companies and for executive teams. Over the last 20 years, Ken has worked with multiple global firms and executives to develop and enhance their success metrics.


Ken has researched, published, studied and taught in Social Psychology of Performance at the Universities de Montréal, McGill and Windsor. He has taught, researched and published in Human Kinetics at Windsor University and started studying Kinesiology at University of Waterloo. Initially he studied Politics & Economics at McMaster University in his undergrad before playing sports professionally. 


The diversity of his work is reflected in the variety of people and their teams whom he has advised, coached and strategised. The list includes Corporate Directors, Corporate Boards, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Professional Athletes and Coaches, Sport Teams, International Organisations, Public Figures and individuals with diverse backgrounds in Europe, North America, MENA and APAC.  The businesses have ranged from family owned businesses to global corporates.


With his expertise in social psychological principles of systemic and systematic individual and team leadership and performance, Ken is an excellent addition to any cause that you care about dearly.

Ken is Canadian but now lives in Warsaw, Poland with his family and is an active member of YPO. He maintains a keen sporting interest.

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