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"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it."


At NEDx, we believe in the power of facilitated peer groups. NEDx is unique in this approach and offering, and we believe the NEDx peer groups are pioneering in concept and, highly effectual in its outcomes. 


NEDx peer groups are based on the successful models adopted by organisations such as CEO and YPO, and are specifically structured to create a safe haven to not only be vulnerable in a confidential and safe setting, but learn and share ideas and concepts that are highly valuable and not available elsewhere. This is where leaders can show up in an authentic way.


At NEDx, we coin this as the “5%”, the 5% is the fraction of our lives we do not feel comfortable talking to others about.  In a NEDx facilitated peer group, our aim is for individuals to feel comfortable and courageous enough to share that 5%. We build on a foundation of IQ, EQ, and SQ.

NEDx facilitated peer groups are built on the following principles:



Primary Objective?

Having a laser clear focus here is key. CEOs often get together to support each other on business issues and opportunities, but NEDs do not. Peer groups will be guided and focussed on relevant issues and challenges as well as have general topics for debate and discussion

Shared Learning

NEDx peer group participants are all experienced and senior executives and board members with decades of experience.  Sharing a challenge or issue within the peer group is bound to result in a solution or certainly ways in which to address the particular problem that might not have been considered by the individual.  The power of shared learning is exponential.

What is the Stucture?

NEDx peer groups are as specific as possible. The focus is on NEDs and Chairs, and issues with the boards they serve on. Focus is the key to successful sharing and learning.

Create Structure

While a lot of magic happens in peer groups, it's only possible with a clear structure. Although it might sound counterintuitive, having a clear agenda for the meeting will provide the necessary structure for all voices to be heard in an intentional and equitable way.  The meeting structure and format is based on the tried and tested forum format used in many international groups but specifically curated for NEDx.

Meeting Protocol?

It is important to have formalised structures in place. Meeting regularity will be based on the group’s need.  Each peer group will have their own charter in place.

Safe Haven

Deep sharing can only happen when there is a strong safe haven based on mutual respect for each other, and an unspoken code of ethics and confidentiality.  We, at NEDx believe in mutual trust and respect, and no judgement.

Image by Nathan Dumlao
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