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NEDx was established in 2020 in unprecedented times where businesses on a global scale and in every sector needed to re-assess their future. The ways companies operate and deliver performance will always be changing, but this crisis has catalysed the need to change. 


There is a need to be flexible yet impactful, progressive yet agile in culture, strategies, systems and people. 

An ultra high impact board that can demonstrate a balance of these skill sets, and can lead and guide from the top, will create immeasurable added value for stakeholders. 

It has never been more important to ensure that companies have boards that are fluid and flexible, yet also balanced and confident in their ability to provide the best support and strategy for the company and its management teams. 

The companies that have successfully pivoted in a short space of time and thrived, have, in the majority, demonstrated resilient, agile and highly impactful board guidance, where agility and flexibility have been key value drivers. 


At NEDx, we offer both individuals and corporates the ‘toolbox’ of systems and processes that create the NEDs and the boards that are going to be required in the new world we now operate in.

The founders of NEDx have deep experience in being impactful NEDs themselves, coaching and mentoring senior executives and boards, and investing and scaling operational business. 

We have talked the talk, and walked the walk, we come from relevant backgrounds having gone on the journey ourselves and delivered exponential value.

We have worked with corporates, family businesses, start-ups, private equity, venture capital, and sovereign wealth funds on a global basis – building boards, coaching executives, strategic consulting for scale up and growth, succession, governance and building the next generation of leaders.

1. Practical knowledge and experience.
2. Peer to Peer support and structure.
3. Highly experienced coaches, consultants and trainers with deep operational experience.
4. A toolbox full of real life case studies, role plays, and a systems & systemic coaching approach to address your performance dynamics.
5. Deep knowledge and understanding of creating and managing ultra-impact boards.


NEDx was itself built as a fluid and flexible concept, we recognised the current unprecedented times required a pioneering new approach to NED development and board enhancement.


Our philosophy is based around:







We believe that each individual has the ability to develop the skill set and tool kit required to become a high impact board member, be it in a private, public, or not for profit sector.

Our 1:1 and Group programs are designed to provide a practical roadmap that is not only effective in becoming a high impact NED, the skills will have a positive influence on other areas of your life too. 

We base our group coaching and board retreats on the powerful and proven model of forums and forum retreats created in organisations such as Young President’s Organisation, CEO, and Entrepreneurs Organisation, Corporate Connections, and the United Nations.


The founders are long standing members of YPO, and have been instrumental in the development of the forum philosophy.

We have demonstrated through the board audits and assessments we have carried out globally, the value of holding a board accountable, creating a peer to peer review, and having measurable objectives for the board as a whole as well as for individual directors. Our data metrics show that the boards that conduct a regular audit deliver over 65% more value than those that do not.


Our unique approach is founded on the key principles of:

High Impact

The development of  experienced and high impact non-executive directors and chairs that can evidence a quantifiable contribution on the boards they serve.


The need for boards to be fluid and flexible, but balancing this with delivering measurable and success driven ROI for the companies they represent.


NEDx not only delivers on building and managing high performing boards, they also deliver on empowering NEDs to develop exponential potential.

How Do We Do This?

Image by Oleksii Drozdov

“I thought I was a successful non-executive director before I engaged in the 1:1 coaching with NEDx, they seriously up-levelled my approach to being a director, to the extend my whole board now wants the coaching!”

JH, London

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